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At the Laboratory for Neural Information Processing Systems, we are dedicated to deciphering the computational principles of the brain. Our research focuses on unraveling the brain's remarkable ability to balance stochastic ambiguity with rhythmic precision — seemingly contradictory traits that are, in fact, deeply interlinked. Our interdisciplinary approach integrates principles from physics, mathematical engineering, and neuroscience to explore the complex dynamics of the brain. From neural activity measurement to sophisticated data analysis, from mathematical modeling to theoretical development, we employ a wide range of methodologies to uncover the mysteries of neural processing. Our research focuses on illuminating pivotal functions and mechanisms of the brain through precise analysis of human behavior and brain activities, as well as elucidating the functional dynamics of local circuits comprising neurons and synapses. Our primary objective is to foster groundbreaking perspectives and insights across physics, engineering, and neuroscience. By elucidating the computational principles of the brain, we aim to drive the development of innovative, energy-efficient computing systems and advance marketing strategies.

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Update: 30, April, 2024
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